大会主席:张力发 教授

Conference Chair:Prof. Lifa Zhang


Sponsors:Nanjing Normal University,  Tongji University


Dates:May 30th-Jun 3rd, 2018


City:Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

序号 No. 报告人 Name 报告题目 Title
1 Zhengyou Liu (Wuhan University) Topological phononic crystals
2 Xiaobo Yin (University of Colorado,Boulder, USA) Designing and Manufacturing Optical and Thermal Metamaterials for Large Scale Energy Applications
3 Sebastian Volz (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France) Phonon-tunnelled and phonon-guided heat
4 Philippe Ben-Abdallah (Centre National de la RechercheScientifique, France) Nanoscale radiative heat transfer: from theory to applications
5 Jiansheng Wang (National University of Singapore) Ultra-near-field radiative heat transfer
6 Bosak Alexei (ESRF – The European Synchrotron) ID28 side station
7 Yu Cang (Max Planck Institute for Polymer research) Direct Observation of Polymer Surface Mobility via Na-noparticle Vibrations
8 Yong Xu (Tsinghua University) Exploring nontrivial topological states of phonons
9 Sarah Benchabane (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France) Surface Coupled Phononic Resonators
10 Yuning Guo(University of Konstanz/University of Colorado Boulder) Topological Transport of Elastic Waves in Phononic Structures
11 Tao Li(Institute of Engineering Thermophysics,Chinese Academy of Sciences) Scalable-manufactured metal-polymer hybrid metamate-rial for enhanced greenhouse effect
12 Vitalyi Gusev (University Le Mans, France) Advances in Applications of Picosecond Acoustic Interferometry for Nanoscale Imaging
13 Youngdahl Jho (Gwangju Institute of Scienceand Technology, Korea) TExternal Manipulation of Acoustic Phonon Wave Proper-ties under Nonlinear Photoelasticity
14 Junren Shi (Peking University) Superconductivity of Liquids
15 Wei Zhang (Nanjing Normal University) Chiral phonons in graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructure from first-principles calculations
16 Xiaoqing Zhang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Multi-Objective Optimization for the Performance of One Quantum Thermoacoustic Heat Engine
17 Jing Feng (Kunming University of Science and Technology) First-principles calculations of the high-temperature phase transformation in yttrium tantalite
18 Klaus Reimann  (MaxBorn Institute, German) Phonon Amplification in Semiconductor Heterostructures
19 Pablo Maldonado  (Uppsala University, Sweden) Ab initio laser-induced non-equilibrium phonon dynamics:Role of electron-phonon and phonon-phonon interaction
20 Jiang Cao (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland) Electron-phonon interaction and thermoelectric transport in PbTe
21 Shota Ono (Gifu University, Japan) Effect of electron-phonon and phonon-phonon scatterings on the energy relaxation of simple metals
22 Gang Zhang (Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore) Thermal Properties of 2D Materials and Interfaces
23 Ronggui Yang (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA) Low Thermal Conductivity of Complex Crystals
24 Ding Ding (SIMTech) Determining Phonon Density of States in Nanomaterials from Optical Fluorescence
25 Guan-Shiung Wang (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan) The Atomistic Study on Thermal Transport of Carbon Nanotube with T-junction
26 Nuo Yang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) The adjust and control in nanoscale phonon engineering
27 Yuxuan Liao (the University of Tokyo) Why Coherent Phonons Contributions to Thermal Conductivity of Phononic Crystals Cannot be Observed at Room Temperature
28 Wee-Liat Ong  (Zhejiang University) Phase dependent thermal transport behavior in lead halide perovskites
29 Begoña Abad (University of Colorado and NIST, Boulder, Colorado, USA) Nanoscale thermal transport in bulk and nanoengineered materials probed using coherent EUV beams
30 Anthony Kent(University of Nottingham,UK) Acoustoelectric interactions of nanometer sound waves with millimeter electromagnetic waves
31 Minghui Lu (Nanjing University) Acoustic Topological States
32 M. Foret (University of Montpellier, France) Temperature dependence of hypersound attenuation in silica films via picosecond acoustics
33 Osamu Matsuda(Hokkaido University, Japan) Optical Generation and Detection of Picosecond Coherent Acoustic Phonons Assisted by Grating Structures
34 Jie Ren (Tongji University) Simulating topological phase transition of lattice models in linear circuit networks
35 Pol Torres (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) Hydrodynamic heat transport from collective phonon-phonon interactions
36 George Fytas (Tongji University) Soft Opals beyond Hypersonic Phononics
37 Hua Bao  (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Phonon Scattering at Disordered Surfaces: Interplay between Bulk Mode Conversion and Surface Modes
38 Kedar Hippalgaonkar (Instituteof Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore) Phonon Engineering in Single Crystal Silicon Nanowires
39 Pascal Ruello (Université du Maine,France) Driving lattice dynamics with ultrashort light pulses
40 Subash Gireesan (Eindhoven University of Technology) Room-temperature ballistic phonon transport in ultra-thin GaP nanowires
41 Alexey Scherbakov (IoffePhysical Technical Institute, Russia) Driving magnetization precession and generating a microwave magnetic field by coherent phonons
42 Chi-Kung Sun (National Taiwan University, China) Sub-Atomic Resolution Imaging Using Femtosecond Acoustics
43 Shenghong Ju (The University of Tokyo) Designing Nanostructures for Phonon Transport via Materials Informatics
44 Humphrey Maris (Brown University, USA) Phonons and Particle Physics
45 Fabio Marchesoni (University of Camerino (Italy)/ Tongji University) Controlling heat transport in cryogenic gravitational wave detectors
46 Junqiao Wu (University of California,Berkeley, USA) Electronic and Phononic Thermal Conduction in Materials with Metal-Insulator Phase Transitions
47 Shane O’Mahony (University College Cork and Tyndall NationalInstitute) Relaxation of low-symmetry photo-induced interatomic forces by electron-phonon scattering
48 Felipe Murphy-Armando (University College Cork) EElectron-hole recombination in Bismuth from First Principles
49 Fabrice Vallée (Institut Lumiére Matiére, France) ANanoscale acoustic vibration and damping : metal nanoparticle
50 Hong Zhao (Xiamen University) Thermalization in classical lattice
51 William York (University of Nottingham) Angle dependence of stimulated phonon emission in a superlattice saser structure
52 Tobias Kippenberg (École Polytechnique Fédérale deLausanne, Switzerland) The Physics and Applications of high Q optical microcavities: Cavity Quantum Optomechanics
53 Dahai He (Xiamen University) Anomalous interfacial temperature profile induced by phonon localization
54 Nianbei Li (Huaqiao University) Temperature dependent phonon mean-free-paths and thermal conductivities in 1d nonlinear lattices
55 Jingtao Lv (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Nonlocal hydrodynamic phonon transport in two-dimensional materials: Analysis from two-dimensional Guyer-Krumhansl equation
56 Daniel Navarro Urrios (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy) Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in optomechanical crystals
57 Fangyuan Gu (Imperial College London) Simulation study of photo-induced phase transitions and coherent optical phonon generation in BaTiO3
58 Iaroslav Mogunov (Ioffe Institute) Control of light-induced insulator-to-metal transition in VO2 by coherent acoustic phonons
59 Sheng Shen (Carnegie Mellon University) Multifunctional Nanostructured Materials for Advanced Heat Transfer
60 David Donadio (University of California, Davis,USA) Thermal transport in layered materials: effect of intercalation, strain, interfaces and confinement
61 Wenqing Zhang (South University of Science and Technology of China) Survey on the Thermal Transport of Part-crystalline Part-liquid Materials
62 Claude Meffan(The University of Canterbury) Thermal characterization of composite pressed nanoparti-cle materials
63 Jessy Paterson(Institut Néel,Grenoble,France) Thermal conductivity measurements and interfacial thermal resistance : a comparative study of extended 3ω techniques
64 Abhishek Dhar  (International Center forTheoretical Sciences, India) Understanding anomalous transport in one-dimensional systems through fluctuating hydrodynamics
65 Xiaoshun Jiang (Nanjing University) Cavity Optomechanics in coupled optical microtoroid cavities
66 Rajeev Kini  (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) Terahertz phonons in a resonant acoustic cavity
67 Riccardo Rurali (ICMAB-CSIC, Spain) Towards an all-electric control of the heat flux based on electrophononic effects
68 Stéphane Pailhès (University Lyon,France) From phonons to lattice thermal conductivity: the lifetime challenge
69 Ilaria Zardo(University of Basel,Switzerland) Phonon engineering and manipulation with nanowires
70 Thomas Wilson (Marshall University) Terahertz Acoustic Phonon Lasing Through Self-Oscillating Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing
71 Xiaojuan Fan  (Marshall University) Infrared Absorption/Reflection Double Layers for Cloaking
72 Prab Bandaru (University of California, SanDiego, USA) The geometrical control of heat Thermal metamaterials and Phononic topological insulators
73 Jiping Huang  (Fudan University) Thermal metamaterials: A brief review
74 Mayeesha Masrura Haque (Japan AdvancedInstitute of Science and Technology) Phononic Bandgap Engineering in Single Nanometer Graphene Nanomesh
75 Karl Joulain (Université de Poitiers, France) Heat management based on thermal rectification and sur-face nanostructuration
76 Quentin Martinet  (Institut Lumière Matière) Vibrational properties of clusters: Acousitic vibtations
77 Danmei Zhang (Tongji University) Topology and zero-index in 1D phononic metamaterials with negative density and negative modulus
78 Toshiya Ideue (University of Tokyo) Thermal Hall effect in magnetic insulators
79 Jianhua Jiang (Soochow University) Inelastic thermoelectricity: A new light on an old field
80 Wu Li (Shenzhen University) Phonon-limited Electrical transport from First Principles
81 Jiawang Hong (Beijing Institute of Technology) Anharmonic phonons in advanced materials: from inelastic scattering measurements and first-principles
82 Jie Chen (Tongji University) Phonon Engineering and Thermal Management Applications in Graphene Based Nanomaterials
83 Jun Zhou (Tongji University) Inorganic-organic Thermoelectric Hybrids based on “Electron-percolation Phonon-insulator” Concept
84 George Varnavides (Massachusettes Institute of Technology) Non-equilibrium phonon transport across nanoscale interfaces
85 Bo Peng (Fudan University) Phonon transport of 2D group-IV and group-V materials
86 Simon Phillpot  (University of Florida, USA) Thermal Conductivity in Fluorites from First Principles Calculations: Mg2X(X=C, Si, Ge, Sn and Pb) and UO2   
87 Jia Zhu (Nanjing University) Interfacial Solar Steam Generations: Materials, Structures and Applications
88 Guilong Peng (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Low-cost high-efficiency solar evaporation by combining heat localization and thin-film evaporation
89 Arun Nissimagoudar (Institute for Advanced Study, ShenzhenUniversity) Phonon-limited carrier mobility of promising full-Heusler thermoelectric Ba2AuBi
90 Dengke Ma (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Cross Junction Effect in Silicon-Nanowire- Cages
91 Bernard Perrin(SorbonneUniversité/CNRS) Measurement of high mechanical quality factors in planar and micropillar cavities
92 Nianbei Li  (Huaqiao University) Temperature dependent phonon mean-free-paths & thermal conductivities in 1d nonlinear lattices
93 Sang-Hyuk Park (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)  Nanoscale Electron-Phonon interaction for THz radiation
94 Jelena Sjakste (CNRS, Laboratoire des Solides Irradies,Ecole Polytechnique) Thermal transport regimes in bismuth and thermal properties of bismuth nanostructures calculated ab initio
95 Zhiyu Hu (Shanghai Jiaotong University) Nano Fire and Nanoscale Thermal Energy Conversion